King's College has implemented the Emergency Notification system to allow the college to quickly contact members of the campus community in the event of an emergency.  This system allows King's College to send emergency text messages to the cell phones and/or e-Mail addresses of students, faculty and staff.  King's College will not share the cell phone numbers or e-Mail addresses of subscribers with any 3 rd party vendors and this system will be used only in the event of an emergency.  King's College will make every effort to use this Emergency Notification system effectively and efficiently, but cannot guarantee subscribers will receive every message due to factors beyond the control of the college (i.e. cell phone powered off, out of cell phone service area, etc.).  While there is no charge for the King's College Emergency Notification system, your cell phone service provider may charge you a fee for the connection time used or text messages received. 

By checking the box below and subscribing to the King's College Emergency Notification system you agree to these terms.

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