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Open to all full-time undergraduates who demonstrate financial need. Grants are renewable each year provided the cumulative GPA of 2.0 is maintained.

KING'S GRANT-IN-AID -This type of aid is awarded to students who have demonstrated conclusive evidence of financial need and who have exhausted all possibilities of receiving grant assistance from outside sources and who are active in campus activities. Recipients must maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. at the College level. Award amounts range from $500 to $11,500 with an average grant of $5,500.

SIBLING GRANT - 10% tuition discount to families that have two or more students concurrently enrolled on a full-time basis during the fall or spring semester. Each student will receive a 10% discount on tuition.

TRANSFER STUDENT AWARDS – scholarships and need-based grants available to qualified transfer applicants.


FEDERAL PELL GRANT - federal need-based grant for students with expected family contribution (EFC) less than $4,617. Full time scheduled award range for 2009-2010 is $976 to $5,350.

FEDERAL SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY GRANT (SEOG) - campus-based federal grant awarded to neediest of Pell Grant recipients. Awards range from $200 to $2,000. Eligibility determined by Financial Aid Office.


PHEAA STATE GRANT - need-based grant for Pennsylvania residents. Award range $400 to $4,120. Final determination of award made by Pheaa beginning in mid-May. FAFSA must be filed each year by May 1 to be considered.

NEW ECONOMY TECHNOLOGY SCHOLARSHIP (NETS) - $3,000 SciTech scholarships available to Pennsylvania residents enrolled full-time as at least a sophomore in a Pennsylvania college in either a science or technology program. Recipients must complete internship or have work experience in field related to study prior to graduation. Recipients are also expected to begin full-time employment in Pennsylvania within one year of completion of studies and work one year for each year scholarship received.

ACT 101 - program offering tutoring, counseling, financial assistance, and advisement designed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to assist highly-motivated students who show potential to succeed in college. Serves students who have low to average SAT* or ACT scores and who meet financial criteria determined by the FAFSA.

For additional information on PHEAA programs, go to PHEAA - Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency



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