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The Academic Skills Center offers academic support services and programs for all students, full and parttime, as they matriculate at King’s College. The goal of these programs and services is to assist students in attaining academic success. The center offers:.

Tutoring Program
The King’s College Tutoring Program creates an atmosphere for success through student-to-student assistance. Students gain feelings of independence and active-learning, and put to use effective learning habits. The tutoring also provides course-content assistance to students free of charge in most disciplines.

Tutors are selected through an interview process and the
recommendation from one of their instructors or the tutorial coordinator. Qualified tutors must receive a grade of B or above in the courses being tutored or demonstrate equivalent experience. Tutors gain professional development through training and actual work experience. The King’s College Tutoring Program is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Tutors, who meet specific requirements, may receive recognition as a certified tutor through CRLA. King’s has been certified at Levels One, Two, and Three.

The program utilizes two tutoring modalities: individual and scheduled small group sessions.

Individual Tutoring Services
This option is the most flexible option allowing students to meet with their tutor on an individual basis and according to the tutor’s schedule. Individual tutors are available for any content course.

Small Group Tutoring Services
This option is designed for specific high demand courses. Some students simply drop in once or twice to meet with a tutor and get answers to specific questions or for help with specific assignments. Some students build a relationship with an individual tutor and go to sessions on a weekly basis

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The Writing Center

The Writing Center at King's is staffed by a director and eight peer tutors who provide one-on-one conferences to any student seeking to improve his or her writing.  This service is not limited to students in English classes; the tutors are available to help with any type of writing.  Tutors can offer suggestions and advice at all stages of the writing process, from understanding the requirements of an assignment to developing ideas and approaches, organizing material, and writing clearly, coherently, and correctly. 

Writing center tutors do not tell students what to say or how to say it.  They do not write papers for students, and they are not a proofreading service.  Their goal is to help writers reach their own goals and to provide whatever assistance they can to make the task of writing more rewarding and the results more effective.

Support Staff  

Sheri Yech                                   Disability Services Coordinator
Phone: 570.208.5800

Office Coordinator
Phone: 570.208.5841



Lisa Timms                        Learning Disabilities Coordinator
Phone: 570.208.8087

Dr. James Stewart
Tutorial Coordinator
Phone: 570.208.5823



Dr. Michael Little
Director of Writing Center
Phone:  570.208.5917


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